You choose the project and I create it for you, personalizing it with the colors and dedication you want.




“Creativity is contagious … Pass it on …”

♥ Made especially for you ♥

The most beautiful objects are those handmade with the heart.

If you like Country creations but don’t want to paint them,I can become your hand and your heart by painting your personalized gift for you: unique, inimitable, made especially for you or whoever you want.

There are so many satisfactions that you give me when you appreciate my work, when you say “no, come on, I trust you” … so if I could describe happiness I would do it like this!

It is a joy for me to be able to create something special for you, to customize a work that I have already created or to have it made to measure …

♥ Memo ♥

All items are entirely hand painted to order, delivery times are approximately 15 days plus shipping times.

The price refers to the original item and includes any customization (adding the name or a change of colors)

In the event of a change in shape or size, send your specific request by filling out the form below or by writing an email to



  1. Choose a project from those you find below
  2. Proceed to purchase
  3. Send me a message to the email after purchase and specify:
    • For what occasion is the gift (birth, baptism, birthday or other?)
    • What date do you need.
    • What color do you want (if you want another color)
    • What would you like to see written on it (a name, a dedication or a short sentence)

“Passion, dedication and a lot of imagination .. this is what characterizes Paola’s works!

The drawings and the technique impressed me! Impossible not to fall in love with it! “

Elisa Buratto

“What can I say … his works are spectacular … his creativity, his cheerfulness, his way of being infects everyone!
At work on a bad day … just her with her splendid drawings and the smile returns immediately! With his work he made my little dream come true.
Thanks for what you do. “

Laura Rezzani

“Fantasy comes to life between Paola’s skilled fingers and her works shine with their own light. Perfect in their features and ironic in their representation, they accompany me every day.
Creativity is certainly the most important human resource and Paola is the answer. A huge thank you for what you have transmitted to me through your creations !! “

Maria Grazia Carrer

Do you have another idea for your personalized gift?


If you haven’t found what you are looking for or you have any doubts, write it here:

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