Country Painting – The wet palette for always perfect colors

In Country Painting I use the wet palette both when I prepare the Basecoat but above all when I start the shades and highlights.
(If you’re starting out, the wet color palette is just the “support” where to go to the colors I’m using).

Why use the wet color palette?

Simply because the colors always stay fresh and I can use them for a long time without drying them out (especially in hot weather).
This of course means eliminating the waste of colors and gives you the possibility to keep them if you have not finished the job. For example, I cover it either with its lid or, if I use a plastic plate, I turn another one over. (In summer, when it’s very hot, I even put it in the fridge!)

How to create the wet color palette

It’s really easy and I’m sure you already have all the materials you need at home:

– Plastic plate or plastic container or similar with a low edge
– Square kitchen sponge
– Scottex (I use the “ultra resistant” one)

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I completely wet the sponge and the paper towel then squeeze them both to remove excess water (Remember that it must be “wet” not “flooded”!)
I cover the sponge with the paper towel by turning the sides that advance below and put it on the plate or on the support I have chosen to use.
Perfect, now the wet palette is ready and I can go and pour all the colors I need without being afraid they will dry out !!!

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Sometimes these small and simple tricks facilitated us and simplify the work!
I hope this little piece of advice was as useful to you as it was for me !!!



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