About me

About Me

Hello! I’m Paola

Country Painter & Creative designer


Hi, I’m Paola and I’m really happy to see you here !!

The love for Country Painting was like a lightning bolt, it was 2007 and I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I have never stopped painting since then. 

In all these years I have had the good fortune to meet wonderful people and extraordinary teachers, Maxine Thomas, Jamie Mills Price, Kim Houge, Laurie Speltz, Karen Wisner, all of them have taught me a lot and have always spurred me to do better and encouraged me to find my way, “my style” if you can say so … 

These words that Kim said during a seminar remained particularly impressed .. “look out of the box” that is, “look beyond … beyond the box, beyond the common things … and so I try to do from that moment, when I draw, when I paint they are all bits of me, I draw what makes me smile and even more I love to give life to an idea with color and many shades !!!

Having the opportunity to share this great passion with you is a privilege


thanks again for being here with me !!

I am perpetually in Work in Progress, that’s why in addition to my Country Painting projects I also combined Patchwork (which I love) and I designed a line dedicated to the little ones … because creativity has no limits and each of you can learn to do anything!!!

Now .. 

.. smile ..

.. have fun ..

and remember

relax … you are at home


How a
drawing is born

An idea meets a pencil …

… a touch of technology … and

… for everything else there is fantasy


“Don’t worry if you have built your castle in the air. They are where they should be. Now put the foundation under them.”

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