Country Painter & Creative Designer

If you love the Country style and want to learn or improve your technique you are in the right place!

I am your “Secret Ingredient” that will help you become a –Amazing Country Painter – even if you’ve never done it before !!!

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Welcome I'm Paola Bassan and I'm a Country Painter & Creative Designer.

If you love Country Painting and you want to learn or improve your technique you are in the right place!

Have you just heard of it and are you curious to find out what it is? Perfect ... you are in the right place !!

I am very happy to see you here and to be able to share with you everything I have learned over the years.

I am your secret ingredient and I will help you become an Amazing Country Painter!

Even if you've never painted and don't know how to draw ... fantastic isn't it?

On the website you will find a convenient Shop where you can buy all my patterns, shapes, stencils and fantastic kits to have everything at your fingertips!

But not only ....

You don't have time but don't want to give up on making a unique and personalized gift?

On the page “Personalized Birth Bows”You have the possibility to customize and buy your Birth Bow !!!

♥ Happy Painting ♥

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What do you want to do today ?

Here's what I can do to help you discover and experience the wonderful world of Country Painting:

In my online shop you will find:

  1. Pattern: all my patterns available in digital format, complete with clear and simple instructions to do it all yourself!
  2. Wooden Shape: to use as a base.
  3. Magic Kit: to have all the materials at hand at a super affordable price 
  4. Stencil: to quickly paint the basics and the smallest details 
  5. Personalized Birth Bows: Where you can ask me to create what you want for you, choosing a project of mine among those proposed and customizing its colors and texts. 

Are you ready ? Let's go !!!!




I have always loved the warm light of the candles, in their simplicity they manage to create an atmosphere full of magic and serenity.

All lanterns are made of wood, laser cut and are sold with a tealight.



Whether it's to decorate the Christmas tree or to make a special gift, the "Ornaments", especially the personalized ones, have an unparalleled affective value, a UNIQUE gift you can give to the people you love.

Keychain paola bassan design



Small but precious, to paint and customize as you want or paint them as I created them to you the choice, the important thing is to have fun !!




All the wooden shape are combined with the patterns on sale.
Laser cut using only top quality types of wood, their thickness is adapted according to the size of the project so that it remains unchanged once painted.



To make the drafting of the bases easier and faster and to paint even the smallest details with precision, I created the Stencil collection combined with the Patterns. All Stencils are washable, reusable and fit many projects !!




All Birth Bows are hand painted and for this reason they are made exclusively to order. You cancustomize them according to your needs or order them in the original version.

Country painting gift vouchers


Choose the right atmosphere and create magic ...



Whether they are to decorate the Christmas tree or to make a special gift, the 'Ornaments', especially the personalized ones, have an unparalleled emotional value ..
A UNIQUE gift you can give to the people you love




Buttons, stars, hearts and so on and so on !!

A little paradise to embellish your every masterpiece!

Country painting gift vouchers


The perfect gift to amaze those you love



Do you want to learn Country Painting?
Discover all the courses and choose your favorite!




If you live in the province of Como or neighboring areas and want to paint live with me, you have the opportunity to do it!

Marina Leoni

I met Paola at a course with Jamie Mills Price and we immediately got in tune. I tried his patterns: the first was the Santa Claus with the sock. Since then I have painted many, from beautiful decorations / birth bows for babies, to the Christmas 2020 collection which is fabulous. Paola is very fast in ordering and is very helpful if you need explanations.
In short, try to believe!

Lora Cozzi

"I have known Paola and her projects since I frequent Facebook and especially country painting! I like its style and its delicate colors, the instructions are simple and clear to do and the subjects are simply wonderful! I think I have them all !! Above all, Paola's personality shines through her works: kind, available and with a soul I would say of a delicacy of other times! "

Maria Cristina Bossi

"Painting is a bit like being a child again! When I take the brushes to paint your projects my dreams come to life !! You Paola are always available and super kind. Thank you for making me spend carefree hours ️ "

Annarita Valente

"I met Paola through facebook. Her colorful and meticulously studied projects are beautiful and they captivated me. I painted her projects, her patterns are very well explained and Paola was a tutor present and ready to dispel all my doubts. Painting a project by Paola, especially the Christmas ones, make me feel like a child again, thanks to the shapes and colors they seem to me like big and inviting Marshmallows. "

Paola Fumagalli

"And what about Paola ... Participating in her courses is a real fun, not only do you learn painting techniques and tricks but you have a lot of fun .. and I was only able to follow online courses, I can't wait to be able to. do live.


Stefania Regazzoni

“What about Paola ... natural effervescent ... spontaneous, sunny ... I like her projects a lot with her beautiful delicate colors bursting with joy from all pores !!! I love her projects from the Baby line "

Elisa Buratto

"Passion, dedication and a lot of imagination .. this is what characterizes Paola's works! The drawings and the technique struck me! Impossible not to fall in love with them!"


Laura Rezzani

"What can I say ... his works are spectacular ... his creativity, his cheerfulness, his way of being infects everyone! At work on a bad day ... just her with her splendid drawings and the smile returns immediately! With his work he made my little dream come true.
Thanks for what you do. "

Maresa Del Ciotto

"Very good artist that I adore ... you are creativity in person
I love country painting your projects with which you transmit all your passion for painting. I see your gentle and fresh soul as your unique sympathy
As you say, things made with love become art
And you are a great artist "

Maria Grazia Carrer

“Fantasy comes to life between Paola's skilled fingers and her works shine with their own light. Perfect in their features and ironic in their representation, they accompany me every day.
Creativity is certainly the most important human resource and Paola is the answer. A huge thank you for what you have transmitted to me through your creations !! "

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